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Service Types

Exclusive -       1.5 hours for pickup and delivery.**            RUSH -             2 hours for pick and delivery.

Standard -       3 hours for pick up and delivery.

Van Service -   3 hours for pick up and delivery.

Special -          Special customer requests will be categorized as Special.

Big Truck -       3 hours for pick up and delivery.

Tractor  -        Tractor Trailor is dependent upon different factors.


**Please Note:

Consider the weather, traffic, day of the week & time of day on ALL our service types. PLEASE call Customer Service to verify availability. 

We Are Freight Specialists

Freight Services
ATL maintains company owned tractor-trailers and straight trucks. All straight trucks are equipped with lift gates. Our trucks are air ride and have sleeper units and 6 have oversized specialty boxes to facilitate tall freight or oversized computers. Our services include local, regional and 48 state hot-shot deliveries and “exclusive use” shipments. We run 2-man teams in both our tractor trailers and straight trucks and offer extra manpower for any specific job requirement.

On-Demand, Scheduled & Routed
On-demand pick up and delivery services are available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week for all of our customers. ATL offers several different service types depending on your shipment needs. Customers may also request a cargo van, 24 ft. straight truck or tractor trailor.

Pick up and delivery routes are tailored to the needs of each customer.
Scheduled and routed delivery services are provided for time-sensitive,
local deliveries that are recurrent. All your specific job information is entered into our computerized dispatch system and automatically recur each day, week, etc.

NAS (Nationwide Air Service)
ATL offers air courier service to anywhere in the continental United States utilizing 2 basic delivery options; Door-to-door and Hold for Client Pick Up. When our customers place a call to schedule a pick-up, we take care of the rest. This includes pick-up of the shipment from the customer, delivery of the shipment to the airport, arranging air transportation for the shipment and delivery of the shipment from the destination airport to the recipient. As a courtesy, a customer service representative will call with “proof of delivery” or if you prefer, you can have it faxed or emailed to you at the moment of delivery.

ATL has been certified by the FAA as an Indirect Air Carrier. Please visit the FAA web site for more information.

ATL uses its facilities to warehouse and deliver products for its customers on an as needed basis. This service applies to customers that do not maintain a warehouse facility or requires additional warehouse space. Typical customers include computer/technology companies and medical/hospital supply companies.

Charter Service
And when NAS or ground delivery is just not soon enough, ATL has partnered with many chartered services to provide you with immediate package and freight delivery wherever the need arises.

Dedicated Driver
ATL provides this service to customers that have multiple deliveries ready at the same time each day. Normally the driver arrives at the customer’s location at a specific time each day and delivers the packages/shipments within a period of time specified by the customer.

Facilities Management
This service is provided to customers with significant local and in-house delivery needs. Generally, this service requires on-site supervision, management of the delivery operation mail/package sorting, deliveries inside the facility and outside local delivery.

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